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A new residential experience by casa tua

Soulful residences in the heart of Miami

Introducing ORA by Casa Tua: a first-of-its kind place to call home. ORA offers short-term and long term flexible ownership residences in Miami, perfectly placed in Brickell. With masterfully curated homes, exquisite on-site restaurants, and an oasis of art and culture curated by the iconic Casa Tua brand, ORA will become the city’s greatest amenity.

Designed to honor simplicity and deepen human connection, life at ORA by Casa Tua is an exuberant embrace of life’s most human moments and all the unexpected joys in between.
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ORA by Casa Tua is Miami’s 24/7 place to be, live and connect — refined with impeccable residences, alive with exceptional restaurants, abundant with easy gathering spaces, a world-class spa and fitness center, and endless shared experiences imagined for an evolving new world.

A world where less is always more. Simple Italian elegance—done flawlessly. Design that leaves space for nature, residences that blend impeccable taste with genuine warmth, and a social, globally inspired community.

The city's greatest amenity
ORA by Casa Tua is a collection of inspiring residences infused with the simple elegance and the charm for which Casa Tua is renowned.

informed by the past designed for the future

Active 24 hours

With masterfully curated homes, exquisite on-site restaurants, amenities including a wellness level, and an oasis of art and culture curated by the iconic Casa Tua brand

Carefully curated
in every way

Located within ORA By Casa Tua, you'll find UVA Wine Bar, a dream enoteca. Experience a collection of over 500 sommelier selected labels from across the world and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, just steps from your residence.

A vibrant, soulful,
social atmosphere

Elevate your leisure time at ORA by Casa Tua's Entertainment Lounge, crafted to provide the perfect ambiance

culinary options

Flawless preparation, inspired ingredients, graceful presentation, and impeccable service.
Designed to honor simplicity and deepen human connection

ORA is poised to be one of the most striking buildings in Miami, set in the center of Brickell and surrounded by breathtaking water and city views. ORA rises above Miami, with short-term rental residences ranging from studio to four-bedrooms, and a sky garden at the center of the building.

Abundant with amenities, including an expansive fitness & wellness center, rooftop pool & resort pool, social lounges, and co-working lounge—all alive with social, upbeat energy.

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